Award Winning Campaign

Burger King & FaZe Clan 

This campaign earned the Silver PRO Award for 2020 Chief Marketer’s “Best Direct to Consumer” category.

Burger King character wearing shades and posing with Faze Clan for Impossible whopper

Brand Sponsorship: Cultural Moment Marketing

HS&E organized Burger King’s biggest splash in gaming to-date, to effectively launch the plant-based Impossible Whopper, in a way that was relevant to Millennial and Gen Z consumers.

Picture of Burger King Impossible Whopper with mini flag

Bringing Gaming Culture & Food Together

HS&E partnered Burger King with gaming’s most popular team, FaZe Clan, and titles Call of Duty and FIFA to promote the Impossible Whopper’s national launch to gaming fans. Leveraging a universe of 30M+ fans, FaZe Clan’s endorsement and advocacy of the Impossible Whopper gave it instant credibility.

Burger King character and Faze Clan pose with little boy fan wearing giant foam finger for Impossible Whopper campaign

The Sponsorship Strategy That Works

HS&E and FaZe Clan worked together to create a unique three-pillar activation tier that included, a YouTube video titled “Burger King Impossible Taste Test Challenge,” a two (2) hour Twitch livestream with the King and FaZe Clan talent and an In-Store “Meet & Greet” at a Burger King restaurant in Los Angeles.

Thumbnail of Burger King and FaZe Clan doing the Impossible Whopper Taste Test Challenge with Burger King Logo overlay

Sponsorship Outcomes That Resonate

12 M+

Impressions generated from FaZe Clan

55 %

Instagram growth

45 %

Facebook growth

14 M

Impressions generated from earned media